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Powder Pigout at Jay Peak

Gore Mountain, NY: 2/23/09

Ski Day 19: It snowed lightly all night. I couldn’t figure out how it was snowing, as the stars were out, but it did. We got another two inches; Gore called it an inch. Now, I’ve seen this at 7:45:

Gore Parking

…and I’ve seen this at 7:50:

Ski Lodge

But I’ve never seen this at 7:55:

Northwoods Gondola

That’s the Gondi…with the light green and no one in line. It took me 5 mins to get ready…I was the first one on, all by myself. Completely alone for two runs at the bottom. Everything was groomed out and again the wind was loading up the sides of the lower mountain trails with anywhere from 2 – 6″ of windblown snow. Aside from the occasional trek from one side of a trail to the other….conditions were carvy.


Across the entire summit, bump troughs were loaded with dense but skiable snow. The lone tracks are mine:


When the sun was out it was a pleasure. When the light went flat…the sledding was tougher. Groomers at the summit were like those on the lower mountain…with a nice layer on top.

I stayed in the trees as much as possible. On the Monday after President’s Week, you’d expect less skier traffic. But this was insane. I was first in Straightbrook, Double Barrel, Chatiemac, Dark Side and KHS. If anyone is wondering where all the snow from the Hullabaloo Headwall went…I found it in the Dark Side where it had blown in thigh deep.

The Dark Side

On my last run….I hit Twister and hugged the rolled-up racing fencing along the side. There was untracked left from Thursday and it was the best groomer run of the day.

Racing Gates on Twister

Extremely grateful to be back on skis. Even if just for a few days.

Gore Mountain, NY: 2/22/09

Ski Day 18: It started snowing around midnight last night. Two inches fell overnight, and it snowed all day. As of now, 4pm, Gore’s posting 7″ – I’ll use that as my number. Still snowing although the radar seems to be showing the end of it. NWS is still calling for 2-4 more.

It was warmer this morning, in the 20s. I left the cabin even earlier as the Gondi went live yesterday at 8:05. Today it went even earlier… at 7:50. Soft snow and no skiers. My second Gondi run at 8:15 I was all alone in the cabin. It was the cabin that claims Gore had the first ski patrol in the US.

Glades were great. Same as yesterday. I was first in Straightbrook trees again, second in Chatiemac.

Chatiemac Tree Skiing Dark Side Liftline was primo:

Lower Steilhang…

Dark Side Glade Entrance

…to the trees…

The whole day was snowy and sweet.

Bear Mountain