Gore Mountain, NY: 2/23/09

It snowed lightly all night. I couldn’t figure out how it was snowing, as the stars were out, but it did. We got another two inches; Gore called it an inch.

Ski Lodge

I’ve seen the parking lot empty at 7:45 and I’ve seen the lodge empty at 7:50. But I’ve never seen the Gondi…with the light green and no one in line. It took me 5 mins to get ready…I was the first one on, all by myself. Completely alone for two runs at the bottom.

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Gore Mountain, NY: 2/22/09

It started snowing around midnight last night. Two inches fell overnight, and it snowed all day. As of now, 4pm, Gore’s posting 7″ – I’ll use that as my number. Still snowing although the radar seems to be showing the end of it. NWS is still calling for 2-4 more.

Chatiemac Tree Skiing

Dark Side Liftline was primo.

It was warmer this morning, in the 20s. I left the cabin earlier as the Gondi went live yesterday at 8:05. Today it went offat 7:50. Soft snow and no skiers. My second Gondi run at 8:15 I was all alone in the cabin that claims Gore had the first ski patrol in the US.

Glades were great. Same as yesterday. I was first in Straightbrook trees again, second in Chatiemac.

Lower Steilhang…

Dark Side Glade Entrance

…to the trees…

The whole day was snowy and sweet.

Bear Mountain

Gore Mountain, NY: 2/21/09

I woke up to a Winter Storm Watch for all of the North Country starting early am tomorrow and going into Monday. As for long range forecasting, I took Monday off over a week ago, based on a few comments from Henry at Accuweather.


Maybe an inch overnight and enough wind to load it into certain spots without blowing it away. It wasn’t the pukefest going on over in the Greens, but I’ll take it. Conditions this morning were significantly better than end of day yesterday. It’s amazing what a few inches can do for early am surfaces.

Gondi went green again at 8:05. I was still booting up so I skipped breakfast.

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